EASI – Fay Ranches Collaborate on Eco-Asset Value, Frequently Asked Questions

EASI has completed a collaborative exercise with Fay Ranches one of the most prestigious real estate companies in the U.S.

Fay Ranches specializes in the sale of large farms, ranches, timberland & properties coast to coast that carry exemplary sporting attributes, conservation values, & investment opportunities.

The November, 2019 issue of Land Investor Magazine includes an article co-written by EASI’s William Coleman and Fay Ranches’ Troy Dana based in Olympia, Washington.

Readers can learn answers to the question ‘Why are rural lands worth more than you think?’, a theme promoted by EASI with the Appraisal Institute over the past several years.  The article argues that working farms, forests, and ranches often have ecological assets embedded in land-and-water ecosystems.

Eco-assets are the monetized, market-based components of a landscape’s ecosystem services. These assets can be revealed by assessing, developing and converting them into either cash, via commercial paper such as mitigation credits or certificates, or via estate and land sales value resulting from updated appraisals.

Click this link for more information about land and water ecological asset value.