EASI provides a wide range of eco-asset products & services

EASI enables clients to develop earn new property-based revenues, reduce development project risks and achieve important public interest goals related to sustainability, health & welfare and economic vitality. Here are some of the ways we can help.


Mitigation Credit Buyers

  • Find mitigation credits needed to offset development projects via our Mitigation Credit Availability Report
  • Use our Mitigation Credit Price Report to reduce uncertainty and lower cost of environmental compliance
  • Industry can restore brownfields or other degraded or underutilized properties to earn ecological-assets that can offset property costs or generate parallel revenue streams.  See our New Bedford, MA project summary for more information
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  • Discover new revenue opportunities via mitigation banking in parallel with compatible farm and ranch management practices
  • Navigate the mitigation project pathway via our three-part Mitigation Credit Development Strategy
  • Lower landowner risk and optimize return on mitigation bank investments via our Mitigation Bank Financial Model
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City & County Government



Regulatory Agencies



Real Estate brokers & Appraisers

  • Study how market data for ecological assets can influence the value of rural properties via our companion mitigation credit price and availability reports.
  • Learn and test new conservation easement valuation tools via our Appraisal Institute training workshop



Land Investors

  • Determine most lucrative properties for siting wetland mitigation or conservation banks via EASI’s Hot Spot Analysis tool or our Mitigation Bank Siting Methodology
  • Discover the potential value of undeveloped eco-assets on your properties of interest via our Mitigation Credit Price Report


Reach out to us at to discuss your questions about these value-oriented products & services.