EASI’s mission is to increase public awareness of the value of ecological assets and to deliver market-based insights for all eco-asset stakeholders.

We work with private landowners, business & industry, municipalities, and government agencies to understand and benefit from the expanding market for ecological assets such as mitigation and conservation credits, as well as water quality credits.

EASI helps clients understand the market value of these credits.  We help landowners develop new revenues from mitigation banking.  We help businesses reduce project risks and achieve public interest goals related to sustainability, health & welfare and economic vitality.  We help agencies understand how the market value of mitigation credits can make regulatory compliance more incentive oriented, and how acquisition of lands for conservation purposes can be accomplished in a cost-optimum way.

In every case, we help clients understand that the value of land is completely changed when ecological assets are brought into the picture — boosting land appraisal value prior to sale or some other conveyance.

Since the late 1990s our team has helped shape the national conversation about the value of mitigation credits and the importance of centralizing and improving, for example, the mitigation credit marketplace.

EASI understands the eco-asset value chain, from developing to permitting and pricing and sales. We have the experience, networks and know-how to maximize property ecological asset values. EASI has developed highly specialized eco-asset valuation methods beginning in 1998 at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) in Santa Barbara, California. From there, EASI team members enjoyed many years of wide-ranging experience in applying business-smart information, concepts, methods and tools related to eco-asset valuation and development — from Massachusetts to California, from Washington State to South Carolina.

EASI takes pride in finding value for clients through conserving and sustaining land, water and biodiversity resources that are critical to sustainability and quality of life.