Agencies face the challenge of implementing environmental protections while ensuring regulatory compliance. They wrestle with unpredictable funding, demanding constituencies, and the practical realities of protecting quality of life.

Understanding the market value of ecosystem services can help agencies efficiently manage natural resources, and effectively implement natural resource policies. For example, having accurate reference points about the real market value of mitigation credits can help agencies set practicable incentives and penalties that truly support ecosystem service PERC (protection, enhancement, restoration, creation).

Inaccurate incentives or penalties have the opposite effect. Instead of reinforcing carefully designed policies, too-low penalties and fines can encourage permittees to ignore the law in the name of saving money. The result can be a net loss in ecosystem services at a time when quality-of-life policies are highly valued.

EASI’s proprietary Mitigation Credit Price Report provides accurate eco-asset market values that informs true, incentive-based agency policies and subsequent enforcement.  MCPR data can also be used to establish competitive In Lieu Fees.

A companion product is our Mitigation Credit Availability Report helping users understand the type, volume and distribution of wetland, stream, species and habitat mitigation credits.

EASI’s recent Farmer Brown article illustrates the importance of using mitigation credit market values to set appropriate compliance penalties and fines.

In addition, EASI offers onsite training and seminars describing the dynamic environmental marketplace, mitigation credit market trends and values, and mechanisms for working collaboratively with the private sector to achieve public interest goals.

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