William Coleman, Founder & CEO

William ColemanWilliam Coleman is the founder and CEO of Eco-Asset Solutions and Innovations LLC. He has dedicated over 40 years to work in environmental and sustainability management supporting the needs of industry, government, non-profits and academia globally as well as start-up businesses in California.

William formerly managed the nation’s most complex private sector Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) designed to minimize disturbance of 30 rare, threatened & endangered animal and plant species within the 70,000 square mile service territory of Pacific Gas & Electric Company. Prior to PG&E, William worked for Global Footprint Network, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Edison Electric Institute and Arkansas Power and Light Company.  He began the EPRI Eco-Solutions initiative in 1998.  Since then he has lectured on sustainability and ecological asset value at various universities including the Darden School of Business (University of Virginia), Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University.

William has served on the board of the Ventana Wildlife Society based in Monterey, California and as well as the boards of the Arkansas Museum of Science & History, Arkansas Whole Person Center and the regional Ozark Society.  William has received numerous awards for his efforts in sustainability and conservation, including for his facilitation of the Arkansas Wilderness Act of 1984.  He was a 10-year instructor for the UC Berkeley Extension program on Advanced Sustainable Management and a member of the Extension’s Environmental Studies Board of Directors.  He currently teaches environmental and sustainability studies at Lake Tahoe Community College.


Andrew Kingsdale, Regulatory Affairs

Andrew Kingsdale founded his legal practice in 2012 to combine his mission of providing first-rate legal expertise with his passion for  making a difference in the areas of land use and environmental quality addressing climate change, water quality, water rights, air quality, and low-impact development.  He has been active in the UC Berkeley Extension Advanced Sustainability Management program where he came to understand the unique role of ecological assets in the environmental marketplace.



Tom Foti, Ecosystem Science

Tom Foti is a native Arkansan and award-winning conservationist. He has dedicated his entire career to saving the world. It’s taking him longer than he thought. He brings more than 40 years’ experience as a biologist & ecologist protecting forests, wetlands, prairies and related wildlife species throughout the lower Mississippi River Valley.  He also advocates for environmental market solutions as a way to complement current biodiversity conservation strategies.


David Gazdag, Data & Information Management

David Gazdag, a resident of Budapest, Hungary, has served as Managing Director of Kilmafa Ltd., an eco-restoration company providing afforestation and reforestation projects services in the European Union. Klimafa also offers forest restoration, ecosystem modeling and carbon credit markets services.  Dr. Gazdag has worked in the United Kingdom linking renewable energy and eco-restoration or ‘rewilding’ projects.  He has coordinated data gathering and management for EASI and is actively pursuing biodiversity market opportunities in the EU.





Lee Lorenzen, Interim CFO

Lee Jay Lorenzen, interim CFO, is an entrepreneur with 35+ years of software, startup and investing experience. He is currently President & CEO of Altura Ventures where he supports new startups using Altura’s Growth, Engagement and Monetization (GEM) System (of which EASI is a licensee).  Mr. Lorenzen’s full bio is available at www.altura.com.




Elizabeth Panetta, Interim CMO


Elizabeth Panetta, a commercial real estate professional, brings parallel expertise in website design and marketing. She has worked to level the playing field as an elected official, community organizer and non-profit administrator.  Through her background in organizing individuals to take action for the benefit of communities & causes, Ms. Panetta understands that compelling messages set the stage for change.



Chris Terry, Legal Affairs

Chris Terry, a partner with Rimon Law in San Francisco, is a business attorney and legal advisor to clients ranging from multinationals, emerging growth companies and startups to venture and private equity funds, partnerships and entrepreneurs.  He has worldwide experience counseling founders and technology companies on financings, acquisitions and strategic joint ventures.




Robert Coleman, Business Development

Robert Coleman is the Founder and President of the Pacific Venture Club and has been a business consultant, trainer, and lecturer on business development topics for over 25 years. Robert has been featured on radio programs, lectured on entrepreneurship at San Francisco State’s Graduate Entrepreneur Program, and advised the State of California on its Small Corporate Offering Registration (SCORE) capital raising program.