Mississippi Land Conservation Assistance Network Lists EASI

The Mississippi Land Conservation Assistance Network is promoting EASI as an organization that can help landowners achieve their land and energy conservation objectives.

EASI is identified as being capable of supporting Conservation Credit Markets serving Mississippi.

This is in keeping with EASI’s special niche — boosting land appraisal and revenue performance —  by drawing on EASI’s Mitigation Credit Price Report, and by taking advantage of EASI’s business analysis tools for mitigation and conservation banking.  These resources help landowners understand the business potential of mitigation banking based on detailed assessments of potential project costs vs. revenues, leading to predictions of return on investment and net present value.

For more information go to https://www.mississippilandcan.org/state-resources/Conservation-Credit-Markets/113/.  Or see EASI’s landowner slide deck — “The Ecological Asset Value of Private Properties“.