EASI Registers with EIN Presswire

EASI has registered with EIN Presswire, a news distribution service reaching millions of readers and top-tier news analysis desks.

EIN services combine press release distributions with media monitoring and RSS feeds used by journalists, professionals and businesses worldwide. This means greater reach and effectiveness for EASI's 2019 media campaign.

Why a 2019 Campaign?

Because EASI's eco-valuation work has proven that rural lands are
consistently undervalued. Ecological assets can, in most cases, contribute significantly to land based operational revenues, land appraisals, and a shortened land sales cycle.

The implications of this are important.

If most landscapes offer eco-asset related values that have not been included in valuation exercises, then rural properties nationwide should be reconsidered in terms of potential revenues, estate and sales value. This would expand the net worth of rural properties nationwide to a significant degree -- adding billions of dollars in to the economy by drawing on a marketplace that has been essentially invisible till now.

Additionally, the quality of life contributions from preserving, enhancing or restoring ecological functionality to rural landscapes -- part of the compensatory mitigation process at the heart of this economy -- would be inestimable.

EASI data sets and eco-valuation tools stand ready to support to this timely undertaking.