Landowners… do you know the real value of your rural property?

Your farm or ranch land could also be producing: 

  • wetland and stream credits
  • species and habitat credits 
  • water quality or nutrient reduction credits
  • forest and soil carbon credits

Ecological assets are anchored to the land like minerals, water, or oil & gas. EASI has proven this after dozens of studies coast to coast. Eco-assets can significantly boost farm and ranch land earnings and overall land value. They can dramatically increase land appraisal values. And they can decrease the land sales timeline.

EASI has also shown that the average return-on-investment for eco-asset projects is about 3:1*. But conventional land valuation methods rarely include ecological assets. Most appraisers aren’t trained how.

Owners and investors deserve to know what their land could produce, what the value of eco-assets could be, and how to develop market ready eco-assets of their own. This is where EASI comes in. We bring the experience, the tools, and the only comprehensive national database (our Mitigation Credit Price Report) to show you what these assets are worth in today’s marketplace. 

(**Based on a 9% rate of return and a 10-year mitigation credit sales period.)

Don’t complete that next land transaction! …without understanding the value of ecological assets on rural acreage you are appraising, buying or selling.