EASI Registers with PRLog

EASI has begun a major 2019 media campaign designed to report widely on the company’s successes since its founding in 2014.

Late this year, 2018, EASI’s Mitigation Credit Price Report (MCPR) grew beyond 1000 data points. This milestone means that every state having an active mitigation credit marketplace will be well represented in the company’s comprehensive, proprietary flagship tool. Readers may remember that the MCPR is a data set describing the historic and current market value of wetland, stream, species and habitat mitigation credits. This unique, proprietary tool sheds bright light on the previously opaque mitigation credit marketplace where the price of credits was carefully protected by sellers.

The MCPR was acquired as a planning tool in 2018 by a record number of investors, landowners and researchers — including the European Institute for Energy Research (EIFER) based near Stuttgart, Germany.

EASI also completed it’s 10th eco-asset valuation project, and once again proved that rural land is significantly undervalued, primarily because the potential market value of ecological assets had not been taken into consideration by land owners.

2018 was indeed a milestone year transitioning the company from start-up to fully operational status. With a focus on 2019, where we will inform rural landowners nationwide about the impact of eco-assets on farm and ranch land earnings as well as appraisal value, EASI will focus on a major new media campaign. The company will begin with a select few public releations websites, with PRLog reported to have the largest outreach network tailored to targeted business categories.

You can see EASI’s PRLog profile here:

Our Profile on PRLog

EASI will then promote the highlights of the past four years’ work via the PR social media website, Free-Press-Release.com, and via News Wire Today where the company will establish more of its international presence.