EASI Featured in Land Investor Magazine

The most recent issue of Land Investor magazine published by Fay Ranches Inc. features the article, “Private Acreage Wetlands: New Revenue Opportunities for Landowners.”

The article presents a succinct argument for diversifying farm and ranch earnings by developing mitigation banks and selling mitigation credits to the market.  EASI enjoys a prominent role in this informative story.

“Mitigation provides landowners the opportunity to become contributors to an environment on the mend by protecting and converting their wetland acreage into mitigation banks from which they can sell credits to developers.  This creates non-farming/ranching income from land that (otherwise) has little correlation to financial assets,” says author Clarke Watson.  “From the landowner’s perspective, mitigation banks boost returns, unlocking a previously untapped component of value and revenue stream.”

To see the article in its entirety, or to download or order printed copies, click here.